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Dr. Rita Gaither Educational Consultant
Dr. Rita Gaither Educational Consultant.

Education and Credentials

Union Institute and Christian Leadership University
• PhD –Major: Counseling/Leadership
• M.Sc. –Vocational Technical Education, State

University of New York at Oswego, 1991
• B.Sc. –Business Administration, Rochester Institute
of Technology, 1976

Fashion Institute of Technology, 1974
• A.A.S. –Fashion Buying and Merchandising,

Cornell University 1995
• NYS Permanent Teacher Certificate Diversified Co-op Education

Empire State College 1992
• NYS Permanent Teaching Certificate Home and Careers

Suny Oswego 1991
• NYS Permanent Teacher Certificate Distributive Business Education
• Career and Technology Education Certification CTE

• Certified instructor for Rochester Habilitation Debt Collection and Customer Service
• Certified Natural Health Professional/Practitioner

• Certified Edison Trainer Character Education, Bullying, Learning Environment

• Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

About Pearl Resources, Inc.

Pearl Resources Incorporated is a 501 (c) 3 organization that began in 2002. We focus on the needs of the disenfranchised. Pearl Resources Inc is built upon five foundational pillars: 


  1. MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BELING PROGRAM:  We are committed to eradicating the stigma regarding mental health. We host Believe I’ll Testify support group every second and fourth Thursday of the Month via zoom 6:30 pm- 7:45 pm Eastern Standard Time Permanent link  You are invited to join the Facebook testimony group “Believe I’ll Testify” everyone has a story. A platform for people to share their stories.  We host conferences, workshops, provide vital information and referrals to mental health providers/ treatment options. 

  2. PROGRAMS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: Provide and host services and experiences for “Individuals” with developmental disabilities including intellectual disabilities and neurological impairments.   

  3. FINANCIAL LITERACY PROGRAM: Philanthropy and advocating and instruction leading people to financial freedom

  4. YOUTH TRAVEL PROGRAM: Student Travel providing opportunities for youth to experience domestic and international travel.

  5. YOUNG MEN'S LEADERSHIP PROGRAM:  Providing stability through residential opportunities and leadership program for young school age men experiencing homelessness.


About Rita C. Gaither


Rita C. Gaither came into the world with a bang, born on the 4th of July. That day her parents were seeing double for the second time in 15 months.  In the unassuming city of Rome, New York, the Dixon family had been blessed with two
sets of twins.  Rita took a back seat as her siblings stole center stage.  In these somewhat silent years, Rita was actually taking it all in, as she became very sensitive to the world around her.

Having been exposed to family alcoholism and its tragic repercussions, she had a choice to make.  Would she succumb to the devastation or would she survive?  Rita decided that the buck would stop with her. She refused to carry the burden of
shame; instead, she would teach others how to overcome.  Rita discovered that ministry is more effective as it is taken to the street.  Rita has taken this philosophy to heart, as she has traveled world leading others to their purpose.


Rita C. Gaither is a 21st Century Harriet Tubman. Her slogan is “Guiding to Purpose.” Dr Gaither has earned numerous educational degrees and certificates, including her Doctoral degree in Leadership and Counseling. She worked as a cutting-
edge educator and ultimate community activist in the Rochester City School District and served as a valuable resource for the various deficits that exist within the school district. Dr Gaither has spent over 30 years of unconditional support for children of color making strides to close the educational gap and level the playing field through service to others.

Dr. Gaither is an accomplished and distinguished motivational speaker, a master in rekindling truant students. Additionally, Author, Business Leader, Minister, Community Activist, and Humanitarian. From her numerous humanitarian and
philanthropic efforts, Dr. Gaither boasts of several awards under her name. She is the recipient of the Break Thru Magazine Community Humanitarian Award and WDKX Woman for Woman Award. City of Rochester Pioneer Award and AAUW Community Involvement Award.

She sits on several Boards that align with her mission towards the environment, anti-poverty and human wellness. She has excelled in the midst of insurmountable odds, obtaining numerous educational allocates and community recognition. Her life is dedicated to serving the forgotten and undervalued populations. By listening and thoughtful observation, she develops customized plans for advancement. She reaches back to lead others to their purpose. Her unbiased approach, cultivates diamonds in the rough.

Her pride and joy is the establishment of Pearl Resources Inc a 501 (c) 3 organization which began in 2002. Which focuses on the needs of the disenfranchised. Pearl Resources Inc. is built upon on five pearls of success: 1) Mental Health and Wellness, 2) Financial Literacy, 3) Programs for Persons with Disabilities, 4) Youth Travel Programs, and 5) Young Men's Leadership Program.

Dr Gaither also assist families in the area of:

  • Housing

  • DHS

  • Employment

  • Medical Benefits & Adequate Healthcare

  • Voter registration

Dr Gaither has Involved students in international travel and has taken eight trips aboard to Europe, Africa and Israel.
She understands the importance of student connection and involvement in various community organizations/functions such as:

  • AAUW

  • Political campaigning /Voter registration

  • Sister City events

  • Participation in various city parades

  • Flint St annual Thanksgiving coat give way and dinner

  • Affiliation with Jordan Health’s various community activities

  • Clergy on Patrol

  • Mayor’s Red-Carpet Affairs

  • Various sorority and fraternity functions

Her involvement in SYEP/Summer of Opportunity Program “Yes We Can” demonstrates that students with special needs can led productive life and maintain gainful employment. Dr. Gaither sets a high standard of non-traditional teaching as she tirelessly works as long as it takes for results.

Dr. Gaither has been married to her childhood sweetheart Ronald for 46 years. The couple are the parents of three gifted adult children Devon, Tiffany and Brandon. They are the very proud grandparents of Ms. Winter and Ms. Autumn.

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