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The Making of a Pearl
We Help People Thrive.


Pearl Resources, Inc.

Pearl Resources Incorporated is a 501 (c)
3 organization that began in 2002. We
focus on the needs of the disenfranchised.
Pearl Resources Inc.’s mission is to
maximize the strengths and talents of all
individuals by identifying and eliminating
barriers and hindrances that prevent
success. Using a customized analysis of
each situation along with solid
partnerships and networking to meet the
complex human needs of each and every
individual, Pearl Resources, Inc. continues
to bring fulfillment to all those
who are willing to help themselves.

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Foundational Pearls
(Our Programs)


Mental Health and Well-Being Program

Learn how to be set free from low self-esteem, anxiety attacks, worry and uncontrollable thoughts.For those who are plagued with the ravaging affects of stress, anxiety and fear.

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Young Men's Leadership Home


The Young Men's Leadership Program is dedicated to providing transitional and residential services and enrichment programs for young men to better assist them to become leaders of the future.


Financial Literacy

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Learn various game-changing financial tips to help them understand and achieve financial freedom. Topics include goal-setting, budgeting, paying off debt and more.


Youth Travel

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To provide actual domestic and international travel opportunities for underrepresented inner city youth. Introduce youth to cultures beyond their neighborhoods and experience the world "Returning as Ambassadors”.


Programs for Persons with Disabilities

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Provide and host services and experiences for “Individuals” with developmental disabilities including intellectual disabilities and neurological impairments.   

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Meet Our Founder

Dr. Rita Gaither Educational Consultant.
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Our Course Offerings

Our courses are for everyone, with or without disabilities.

Mind, Body, Health and Wellness

Mental health is important to our wellbeing. This class introduces you to the different modalities to combat stress and anxiety, such as the benefits of aroma, magnetic and massage therapies, breathing techniques. and the power of writing and telling one's story through the "I Believe I'll Testify" platform.

The Art of Cooking

This course teaches you basic cooking skills. You will learn to prepare your favorite foods will practice your cooking skills in local food pantries, culminating into a family-style dinner from beginning to end. 

Career & Tech Training

This course teaches the basics of digital literacy and business skills. Learn how to create a professional email account and digital resume. Obtain a scholarship for Google Career Certificate program.

Dress for Success

This course includes instruction on grooming, hair care, makeup, shopping techniques and developing your personal style. The class will culminate into a fashion show for family and friends to attend.

Exercise, Fitness and Nutrtion

This course teaches you to explore various exercise modalities, food and nutrition, field trips and taste testing. You will also learn the art of line dancing and staying fit.

Lifeskills 101

This course teaches you the basic skills for everyday life and living. Learn how to open a bank account and balance a checkbook, how to obtain a government ID, track and pay bills, make grocery lists, budgeting, obtaining life insurance and other necessary skills.

Community Exploration

This course takes place out in the community. Students will explore their environments through planning and participating in activities such as heritage celebrations, parades, feeding the homeless and the collection and distribution of products for those in need.

Travel and Exploration

This course teaches you about planning and implementing travel; local, domestic and abroad. There is no charge for virtual opportunities are however, actual travel opportunities will be provided for an additional fee. Come and hear exciting guest speakers unfold a variety of cultures and history.

Electronics Course

This course teaches the basics of circuitry and safety. You will also learn how to perform minor repairs on electronics.

Courses are offered in groups. The fee is $65 per person per hour.
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